Spiritual Money was written based on how I turned my life around and went from rags to riches experiences as an entrepreneur. I lost all my money not once, but twice. From this I learned. I then grew my current  business from nothing to averaging ten million dollars a year in sales in less than four years.

I don’t use credit cards and have never gotten a bank loan. This book is about how creating a life of prosperity, deep meaning, and value to others is not about the money. You can have as much money as you’d like. Essentially you can have as much of anything as you’d like. You just have to learn how to create it.

This book is an interactive guide to help you develop the skills to create as much money, prosperity, wealth, peace, love (or anything else) that you would like. I wrote it so you can quickly, and easily learn and apply these principles to your life. Rock your world!

Michelle LaBrosse
CEO Cheetah Learning
Author, Spiritual Money