Welcome to Spiritual Money and Project Prosperity

I wrote Spiritual Money  based on the practices I mastered to increase revenues from $25,000 to over $10 million dollars per year, in just four years.   For most of my adult life, I lived like most people do – from one paycheck to the next, struggling to make ends meet.   I even failed at several entrepreneurial efforts and lost everything not once, but twice.   From these failures,  I learned.  I then grew my current  business from nothing to averaging millions per year.  What is even more remarkable, this success has been sustainable for the past decade during the worst recession of our lifetime.

This is not a book on conventional business financing approaches (they never worked for me and I suspect they don’t work that well for others either).  I do know all about these other approaches as I did graduate from Harvard Business School’s Owner President Managed program.   Yes this is something far different.  This book is an interactive guide on  how to create a life of prosperity, deep meaning, and value to others without relying on credit cards or bank loans.   You can have as much money as you’d like.  Essentially you can have as much of anything as you’d like.  You just have to learn how to create it.

To fully master the skills discussed in the Spiritual Money book, we also have a seven week online course  called “Project Prosperity.”   For people who successfully complete this course, they can then use it to become a Certified Prosperity Coach and help others achieve the prosperity that is their birth right.

Michelle LaBrosse

CEO Cheetah Learning
Author, Spiritual Money